Friday, September 23, 2011

Why not?

I recently discovered Pinterest. I'm an addict, at least I'll admit it! On this site you can search through all types of categories (fashion, home, crafts, etc) and you basically save what you like in whatever category you want to make. Examples: I have "All Things Fashion", "All Things Kids", "All Things Home", and etc. I started to make one more category, the name was going to be...

"Things I love, but would never do."

But, why not? If I love it, why not do it? Now, I'm not talking about anything extreme. I'm talking finger nail polish, a fancy pair of shoes, little things like that. So, why not? Fear of someone judging me for painting my nails in a shade other than pink or nude? Fear of someone wrongly assuming things about me because I like the appearance of high heels? Fear of falling in the high heels (okay, maybe that is legit...)Needless to say, I didn't create that category. I'm going to challenge myself - do things I love, but would never do. That's the perfect place to start, in the journey to be more than just a wife and mom, but to be me. God made me who I am, he knows my quirks, He knows my heart. Nail polish doesn't change who I am, I don't know why there is fear in that.

So, why not? I'm glad I asked myself that this morning.

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