Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fight Like A Girl

I used to love to read. Give me a good book, and I'd happily cuddle up on the couch and read for hours. That, of course, changes with kids. You don't have hours to sit on the couch, you usually don't have a few minutes even. I really missed reading, I missed what it brought into my life, so I decided to make it a priority again. Certainly I could turn off the TV at night, and read for an, I am, and I love it! My first read is Fight Like A Girl by Lisa Bevere.

I'm loving it. It's isn't a hard read, but there's truth in her words. I've felt like she was talking to me as we sat in a coffee shop several times. What's it about? Gender roles, the beauty and power that women have if/when they live their lives as Christ intended, and even the beauty in allowing a man to be a man. Our culture has lost a lot of that. Even myself, who is considered very traditional by most, falls into the temptations to want to take on a male role in my family. Very good read, I'd definitely reccomend it if you're looking for something!

Not to only mention the book, but look at that bracelet! I want it! A high heel, a cross, a dager, a boxing glove, a purse, and a heart?! Yes, please!

It's a good reminder to know that simply being a woman, who God intended us to be, that is our strength. We don't have to attempt to attach ourselves to the qualities of men to be strong, we're the strongest when we allow God to use us as He pleases. Without Him, we can do nothing anyways!

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