Friday, August 5, 2011

Do I have anything interesting to say?

I've thought about blogging for a while, but the above question has "haunted" me. Do I really have anything of worth to say? And honestly? No, probably not. God does, so hopefully there are times I can allow Him to speak through me, but as for me alone...nope, not a single thing. Why then would I make a blog? I think everyone needs something of their own, maybe this is mine. I think almost everyone who reads this will know me, I can probably skip the introduction post.

What I can say is that this new chapter in my life has been a roller coaster already, Chris being out of the Marines is, unfortunately, everything I expected. I'm not enjoying it as of now, but I am thankful I'm going through this with him & nobody else. I'm blessed to have him, and our beautiful kids. God's up to something, and He's always working things for the good of those who love Him - thing is, it isn't always what we think is's what He knows is good for us (and His glory!)

What am I hoping to gain from this? I've thought about that too, as I considered making a blog, and I've seem to come up empty handed. All of my goals seem to be selfish, but I keep going back to, "Remember who I am." I don't want to do that selfishly though, I want to find a way to be true to myself all by being faithful to realize it's all about Him, not about me.

So, let me see where this takes me...and, for a little cute factor - enjoy the babies!

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